DiMarzio Mo’ Joe and Satch Track – Satriani Signature Pickups

DiMarzio latest demo video features guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani’s two signature pickups, the Mo’ Joe and Satch Track.

DiMarzio Mo’ Joe
DiMarzio Mo’ Joe

In this video, Satch showcased his two main pickups as installed on his signature guitar, and he also shared the stories behind their design and tone.

The two pickups that shared the spotlight with Joe Satriani are the Satch Track singlecoil that he had positioned on the neck, and the Mo’ Joe humbucker that handles bridge position duties. As expected, the popular guitar teacher/wizard effortlessly put the two pickups into action, and masterfully explained in detail how the two pickups behave and sound like.

Mo’ Joe

After using the Fred bridge pickup for years, Joe asked DiMarzio for a hotter and bigger version to be used on his new Ibanez signature guitar. This resulted in the humbucker called Mo’ Joe which is tweaked to satisfy the tone and definition requirements of its namesake artist. As the name aptly suggests, it has more mojo and power than the Fred pickup while retaining clarity, dynamics, and harmonics. And since harmonics is a very big part of Joe’s playing style, this pickup have become a staple in many of his signature instrument for many years now.

DiMarzio Mo’ Joe Specs:

  • Wiring: 4 Conductor
  • Magnet: Alnico 5
  • Output mV: 320
  • DC Resistance: 9.76 Kohm

In the last few years, Joe has been developing a new signature tube amp and using heavier-gauge strings, both of which require good string separation without having the pickup sound processed or sterile. So DiMarzio slightly increased the distance between the center frequencies without increasing resistance, making the pickup hotter and more articulate. DiMarzio recommends this pickup for the bridge position of solid and semi-hollow body guitars.

Check out the video demo of the DiMarzio Mo’ Joe and Satch Track:

Satch Track

DiMarzio Satch Track
DiMarzio Satch Track

Introduced just last year, this pickup combines the features that Joe wanted from neck humbuckers and singlecoil pickups. The official description said, “It tracks pick attack and string vibration quickly and accurately like a single-coil, but the voicing is wider and stronger, like a humbucker. The highs are very warm, and clarity is created by keeping the mids and lows tight and focused.”

DiMarzio Satch Track Specs:

  • Wiring: 4 Conductor
  • Magnet: Ceramic
  • Output mV: 245
  • DC Resistance: 7.02 Kohm

The Satch Track pickup was built to satisfy Joe’s ever changing and refining taste for tone, and is his first single-coil size signature pickup. It took the company two years to design, build, test and finally produce this pickup and they describe it as the most advanced fast track-style pickup in their line up. Note that this is voiced to emphasize the treble side a bit more much like how regular singlecoil pickups would.

Interestingly, these pickups come with reasonable price tags, with the Mo’ Joe retailing for just under $80, while the Satch Track is available for $85. Visit DiMarzio for more information on their Joe Satriani signature pickups.

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