DOD Bifet Boost 410

DigiTech introduces the DOD Bifet Boost 410, a volume boost pedal that lets you switch the buffer circuit on or off.

DOD Bifet Boost 410

This new release is part of the company’s effort to re-introduce classic DOD pedals to the market, with each one having updated design and extra features.

The Bifet Boost 410 pedal lets you boost your guitar signal while allowing you to choose switch between buffer and unbuffered gain. Engaging the buffer switch will let you guitar signal pass through the pedal’s buffer circuit, adding subtle coloration to the tone. Turning the switch off will engage true bypass to allow for transparent boost.

DigiTech Marketing Coordinator Tom Cram comments, “Some players like to use their pedals in true bypass to maintain a pure signal path throughout their pedalboard, while others like a pedal with a buffer to counter the signal loss of boards that are packed with a lot of pedals. The Bifet Boost 410’s selectable Buffer On/Off makes it adaptable to any player’s setup and sonic requirement.

The company gave an example of how the Buffer on/off switch can be useful, “The selectable operation enables the Bifet Boost 410 to be used as the first pedal in the chain in front of a fuzz pedal – many fuzz pedals don’t sound right or react properly to a player’s changes in guitar volume with a buffered pedal in front of the fuzz.

When the pedal is engaged, the Volume knob will let you dial-in up to 20dB of clean boost. You can set it low for adding a hint of grit, or you raise the volume higher to drive your overdrive pedal or tube amp. A rotary EQ Tone knob is also provided for emphasizing either the low or high frequencies, allowing you to shape your boosted signal with just one knob.

Check out how pedal behaves in this demo video:

Other improvements over the original DOD 410 Bi-Fet Preamp include the addition of a bright blue LED indicator and a 9-volt DC power supply input. The pedal is housed in a tank-tough metal chassis that features DOD’s ’80s style retro-graphics.

The DOD Bifet Boost 410 is scheduled for release within this month, with a retail price of just under $150. Visit Digitech for more information.

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