Effectrode Pedals releases the Tube Drive Overdrive Pedal

Over twelve years in the making, The Tube Drive features an all-tube signal path based on three triode tubes for stacks of smooth unrelenting overdrive or distortion. This pedal can deliver substantial level boost to provide extra drive to push vintage tube amps further into overdrive. A perfect partner for amps such as the Twin and Deluxe Reverbs and the older Fender Tweed amps, effectively endowing them with an additional high gain channel.

Operation is pure class-A based on six cascaded tube stages with no silicon diodes or transistors in the signal path and active tube Baxandall tone control circuit for real treble boost and cut. The Tube Drive really is a no-compromise pedal that aims to deliver boutique amp overdrive tones whilst maintaining noise levels close to the theoretical minimum.

For more information, please visit www.effectrode.com

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