Effectrode presents the Delta-Trem Stereo Optical Tremolo

If you are an enthusiast for tube amp tremolo then your're in for a real acoustic treat with the Delta-Trem. This pedal authentically recreates the alluring, hypnotic tone and feel of a vintage amp tremolo. This is accomplished by using a filament lamp and photocell assembly in conjunction with a vacuum tube signal path — twice for stereo! This gives an exceptionally warm and musical tremolo effect that blends well with clean and overdriven guitar sounds. The dual signal path allows the pedal to operate in mono tremolo mode into a single amp or stereo where the sound is ping-ponged between two amps for a huge, spacious tone.

Circuit operation is extremely quiet with none of the audible “ticking” often associated with tube amp tremolo. The Delta-Trem features a configurable low frequency oscillator that accurately reproduces the classic deep sine wave throb found on early Fender tube amps along with triangle, square, pulse, rising and falling sawtooth waveforms to recreate a “Leslie” rotating speaker swirl through to a deep swampy tremolo effect. This pedal is designed to give players easy access to classic rock 'n' roll, blues and surf tremolo tones with outstanding warmth and hi-fidelity.

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