Effectrode releases Tube Vibra Chorus Pedal

Effectrode is now shipping the Vibra Chorus. The Vibra Chorus pedal was created to reproduce haunting and ethereal chorus voicings with a level purity that is unmatched by any other phaser, Uni-Vibe or vibrato pedal. The phase-shifting circuitry is optimised to operate on the frequency spectrum of electric guitar rather the organ, where the Uni-Vibe attempted to simulate a 'Leslie' rotating system.

Vibra Chorus pedal The unique modulation characteristics of this effects pedal are musical and natural, where only the barest minimum of pitch de-tuning is introduced into the original signal with absolutely no loss of treble for minimal tonal coloration. At slower modulation rates it produces wide, open and natural chorusing that adds another dimension to chord and rhythm playing and at faster rates it creates a light, watery and bubbly effect, whlist retaining clarity and transparency.

For more information, please visit www.effectrode.com

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