Electro-Harmonix releases the Deluxe Memory Boy

Electro-Harmonix presents the Deluxe MEMORY BOY analog delay with Tap Tempo. The newest member of the Memory Man family defines the state of the art potential of analog delay, while adding performance features that deliver timing accuracy that separates it from the pack.

The Deluxe Memory Boy delivers lush and organic analog tones that are spot on to our original designs, while adding the in demand performance features that deliver new and exciting potential to every musician. Tap tempo has been added to always keep you in sync with the groove. In addition you can choose from five note sub divisions for metronomic variances. Sweet modulations can be set while expression pedal control allows selectable access to four modulation parameters. The Deluxe Memory Boy is all about sweet tone with ultra flexibility on the stage or in the studio.

– Tap Tempo

– Tap Divide timing subdivisions

– Expression pedal control

– Triangle and square wave modulation for chorus, vibrato and other creative modulation flexibility

– Built in EFX loop to rhythmically integrate your other EFX pedals

– Total analog bucket brigade design

– Power supply included

– Up to 650 ms of delay time

For more information, please visit www.ehx.com

This is a Press Release

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