Handwired-Effect announces VCS-1 Vintage Chorus

Handwired-Effects has announced the VCS-1 Vintage Chorus. VCS-1 was inspired by, and pays homage to one of 80’s analog chorus units that have been famous for its lush and rich sound. This pedal is designed and optimized for both electric and acoustic guitar/bass players who demand the highest audio quality and tank-tough construction.

The VCS-1 features Speed, Depth and Tone knobs and provides a variety of authentic analog tones, from subtle, slow sweep to deep, dramatic vibrato to Leslie-like effect.

The Speed knob controls the speed of the chorus effect while the Depth controls how wide the chorus sweeps up and down. With the Speed knob set fully counter-clockwise, the VCS-1 produces a dreamy swirling effect perfect for clean or acoustic tones. Setting the Speed high you can achieve Leslie-like warbles with no sweat. In addition to Speed and Depth knobs, the VCS-1 features an additional Tone control for flexible tonal options, being very useful for retaining high end at the lowest Depth settings.

Like all the other Handwired-Effects pedals, the VCS-1 features mechanical true bypass switching for direct and unchanged signal in bypass mode and can be run on a 9V battery or optional power supply.

The VCS-1 VINTAGE CHORUS is now available for pre-order for 280 Euro.

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