Epiphone Masterbilt Century Deluxe Classic

Epiphone introduces the Masterbilt Century Deluxe Classic, part of their new ’30s inspired acoustic-electric archtops line.

Epiphone Masterbilt Century Deluxe Classic

The new Masterbilt series of archtops follow after the original Masterbilt archtops that were produced in the 1930s Big Band era. Featuring a bigger body for more acoustic projection and classic cosmetics, which are complemented by modern building methods for improved reliability.

The story goes that the original Masterbilt provided enough acoustic projection to work with big-bands, but were soon morphed into electric archtops when magnetic pickups started gaining popularity. Now Epiphone is making this acoustic archtop available for more players, and more importantly, at a more accessible price point.

The Masterbilt Century Deluxe Classic has the whole Jazz Box vibe, complete with double f-holes inspired by old violin designs. Instead of having laminated maple like most hollow body electric guitars, this one has a solid spruce top much like a regular acoustic. This solid top is supported by classic longitudinal bracing and laminated flame maple back and sides, forming the familiar jazz box shape with a 17″ lower bout, all which contribute to its distinct acoustic tone that’s described as fat, woody and punchy.

Epiphone equipped this guitar with an eSonic HD preamp and Shadow NanoFlex HD Under-saddle pickup, to produce amplified acoustic tone. This contrasts hollow body electric guitars that have the same shape, but come equipped with magnetic pickups. The addition of this pickup system makes the Masterbilt Century Deluxe Classic a true to form acoustic-electric guitar that’s ready for stage use.

The neck is crafted from a 5 piece maple/mahogany combination and topped by an ebony fingerboard. It has a long scale length of 25.5″ and a narrow nut width of 1.69″. It has a total of 20 frets and joins the body at the 14th fret. The historic Epiphone mother of pearl banner inlay on the headstock further enhances the guitar’s old school appeal, along with its historic aged nickel Epiphone 18:1 tuners.

Other features include modern dual action truss rod, bone nut, floating adjustable ebonoid bridge; artificial bone saddle, pearloid “Notched Diamond” inlays and Marboloid “Crown” tuner buttons.

See how artists responded to the Epiphone Masterbilt Series guitars:

Finally, the Epiphone Masterbilt Century Deluxe Classic is currently available for pre-order, at just under $900, with a shipping date of July 14, 2016. Only two finish options are available, violin natural and violin sunburst. Visit Epiphone for further details.

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