Epiphone PRO-1 Acoustic Guitars

Epiphone introduces the PRO-1 Collection, entry-level guitars geared toward making learning to play easier.

The company gathered feedback from beginners and pros to create this new collection. It resulted in four new affordable guitars that focus on playing ease without sacrificing aesthetics and sound.

Glancing at the title, I thought that these are new top-of-the-line guitars, but to my surprise, Epiphone is using the label “PRO” for their student-grade guitars. This bold statement shows that the company means business when it comes to their beginner friendly instruments.

Epiphone President Jim Rosenberg said, “All of us at Epiphone are guitar players and we thought it was time that novice players have an excellent, affordable instrument they can learn on and still want to keep as they improve their skills. While designing the PRO-1 Collection, we took our combined knowledge about what makes a great guitar and merged it with cutting edge technology and design that could only come from Epiphone.”

The four new PRO-1 Acoustic guitars include the PRO-1 Classic, PRO-1 dreadnought, PRO-1 Plus and the flagship model PRO-1 Ultra. According to the company, each guitar is made to be played right away, without the “breaking in” period that makes it harder for beginners to play the guitar.

Epiphone PRO-1 Collection Features:

  • JumboPRO frets and Epiphone Light Gauge Strings that make holding down strings and learning chords easy and painless
  • PRO-1 shorter scale length neck to make the strings “looser” and easier to play
  • EZ-Profile“C” shape neck allows for comfortable play with less fatigue
  • PRO-EaseLubricant neck finishes for that “worn in” feel – from day one, your PRO-1 feels like a guitar you’ve played for years
  • EZ-String Bridge that doesn’t require string pins
  • Epiphone “Deluxe” Tuners with a more precise 18:1 ratio that makes tuning easy, intuitive, and best of all, rock solid
  • Dual Action Truss Rod for perfect action and intonation
  • GraphTech NuBone nut and saddle, made from hard and resonant TUSQ material which increases the guitar’s volume and harmonic “voice” for superior intonation
  • Custom PRO-Prietary bracing which allows the guitar “top” (the voice of any great guitar) to resonate freely while still keeping its strength and its tone in any environment
  • Smaller body thicknessthat makes all the PRO-1 guitars more comfortable to hold and use

Epiphone PRO-1 Classic

The Epiphone PRO-1 Classic is an affordable nylon-string guitar that is based on real world classical guitars. It comes with select cedar top, the tonewood of choice for many classical guitar players. The guitar is described as having a balanced sound while being easy to play. It is expected to retail for $119.

Epiphone PRO-1 Classic

The Epiphone PRO-1 is the PRO-1 collection’s basic dreadnought steel-string guitar. The guitar is described to have increased volume and tonal range, thanks to its traditional build and wood configuration. To make it easier and more comfortable to play, the guitar’s body depth was reduced. Retail price will be the same as the nylon string version, $119.

Epiphone PRO-1 Classic

The Epiphone PRO-1 Plus is based on Epiphone’s “Masterbilt” Series, carrying all the features of the PRO-1 line while incorporating a solid spruce top. While sporting specs found on mid-priced guitars, the PRO-1 Plus will come with a tag price of just under $230. The guitar is described as having the same voice as popular vintage Epiphone acoustics, such as the Texan.

Epiphone PRO-1 Classic

The Epiphone PRO-1 Ultra is the flagship and acoustic-electric model of this collection. It has the same features as the PRO-1 Plus and adds a built-in pickup. Instead of going for basic pickups like other entry to mid level instruments, Epiphone equipped this guitar with the same preamp and pickup as their premium Masterbilt line – the Shadow Performer preamp and NanoFlex pickup system. The estimated US street price for this acoustic-electric guitar is $329.

For more information and other details, head over to Epiphone.

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  1. The PRO-1 Collection
    Steve Feit

    Alright, already!! How soon do expect that they’ll be in the stores where people can try them out?

    I’ve been looking high and low for a “round holer” with a shorter scale length that matches that of my Epiphone Les Paul Custom. It will take me all of 5 minutes to see if it is as playable as my LP and my Gibson L48. If it is, they’ve made the sale.

    I took lessons back in the 1950s at the studio operated by New York’s premier Gibson dealer of the day (Eddie Bell’s) and, naturally, the studio instruments were all Gibsons. The feel of those guitars has been my benchmark all these years but I’ve yet to find one that matches them; at least one that I could come close to affording. Let’s see how close the Pro-1 comes.

    Bring ’em on!!!

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