ESP USA Guitars – Coming Soon!

ESP Guitars announce the upcoming opening of their first-ever USA-based factory at North Hollywood, CA.

ESP's First USA-Based Factory

The new ESP Guitar manufacturing facility is situated near their current USA headquarters and will produce the ESP USA guitar line.

ESP President Matt Masciandaro had this to say: “This is a significant milestone for ESP. For years there has been a demand for a domestic factory, allowing us to create guitars that are 100% made in the USA. Weʼre very excited about the new opportunities for ESP dealers, and new choices for our customers.”

The factory is set to open in 2014 and will be producing a new line of high-end ESP USA guitars. These upcoming instruments will expand their lineup of guitars that are being sold worldwide, including the LTD and the standard ESP. The Tokyo based ESP Custom Shop will remain in its location. Aside from these new USA guitars, They also hinted on another upcoming series called “E-II”, also expected to be in production next year.

According to the press release, the new USA factory will be producing guitars on a limited basis for its first year of operation. If it becomes successful and consumer demands spike, ESP will ramp up production. Because of this limited production, ESP USA guitars will initially be available through selected dealers.

Since ESP was founded in 1975, they have been producing their guitars outside of the USA, with the exception of a few guitars built over 12 years ago. The ESP branded guitars are manufactured in Japan while the more affordable LTD line is produced by various contractors in Asia.

The 2014 Winter NAMM Show will host the official launch of the ESP USA Brand. More information and pictures will be available soon.

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