Eventide now shipping Pitchfactor Harmonizer Stompbox

Eventide has announced that the PitchFactor Harmonizer stompbox is shipping. PitchFactor includes Eventides 10 best Harmonizer pitch and delay effects featuring 1.5 seconds of stereo delay and simultaneous pitch shifting effects resulting in the most flexible stompbox in its class. PitchFactor features 100 stunning presets, USB for upgradeability, instant program change, true bypass, tap tempo, three footswitches for immediate preset access, a built-in Tuner, MIDI, and the lush, uncompromised Eventide sound known around the world.

Useable in mono or stereo, with line or instrument level inputs and outputs, PitchFactor is adaptable with a wide variety of instruments including guitar, bass or synthesizers rigs. PitchFactor is equally at home connected to a console in a recording studio, or in a front-of-house application.

The effects included in PitchFactor are culled from the best of thirty years of classic H910, H949, H3000, and H8000FW Harmonizer rack processors as well as some brand new magic. PitchFactor features: Micropitch, Diatonic, Quadravox, HarModulator, Dual H910/H949, PitchFlex, Octaver, Crystals, HarPeggiator and Synthonizer. Eventide has finessed these legendary effects into a full-featured, virtually indestructible, cast metal performance machine that is small enough to fit on your pedal board or in your gig bag.

For more information, please visit www.eventide.com

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