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Nova Drive is TC Electronic's new programmable analog overdrive and distortion pedal. It features the analog drive circuit as the Nova System and has full digital control. Nova Drive is therefore the ultimate distortion and overdrive pedal, offering the best of both worlds: sonic excellence combined with total control. On top of the superb tone, Nova Drive has excellent preset and control options that ensure guitarists don't have to rebuild their set-ups from scratch to use it. The pedal also comes packed with 18 killer sounding factory presets, meaning that guitarists will be ready to rock in no time at all.

Nova Drive features two totally separate overdrive and distortion circuits that can be used separately or combined to offer a wealth of classic, spine-tingling, old school sounds. These are partnered with total digital control that enables guitarists to store up to 18 of their favorite sounds and to integrate Nova Drive into their set-ups and tailor their sound with total precision.

The dedicated distortion section offers a wide range of tones, from subtle, punchy driving distortion to screaming fuzz. And for added control it also features a 2-band EQ section for precise shaping of distorted sounds. Nova Drive's distortion character is best typified as raw but, like the overdrive section, it preserves the original character of the sound.

The overdrive section delivers everything from clean boost with a little extra 'oomph' through Bluesy sting and smooth tube-like break-up, to heavy, all-out crunch. It is the perfect place to find added sustain for existing sounds and to supercharge any tone into classic territory.

With Nova Drive, guitarists finally have a place to create, store and recall all the distorted and overdriven sounds they could ever need.

Price: $345 MSRP

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