Jon Gomm is the guitar world’s version of a ‘triple threat’ – he is a brilliant Guitarist, Composer, and most importantly he’s an amazing Live Performer.

I believe that his name sits comfortably besides the likes of Tommy Emmanuel, Michael Hedges, and Jeff Buckley. By that I don’t mean to say he sounds like them, but rather he has a unique approach to guitar and music generally which stands him apart from the crowd.

I’m quite certain that once you listen to a few of his songs you’ll agree Jon Gomm is worth this level of praise.

For that reason I’ve been chasing Jon for a rundown on the equipment he used on his inspirational song “Passionflower” for over a month, and today we finally have an exclusive with Jon answering my question about all the gear he used on this song.

But before we get to the gear – let’s listen to the Jon performing Passionflower live:

This is what Jon emailed me about the equipment he used on Passionflower:

Jon Gomm

The guitar I use in the video is my one and only touring and recording guitar, a Lowden O12C called Wilma. Lowdens are handbuilt in a workshop in Northern Ireland, and they are truly special instruments, they have a midrange warmth that other guitars just don’t. I’ve installed Keith Banjo Tuners on the top two strings, made by Bill Keith in Woodstock, NY. They make the crazy tuning tricks I do in the song much much easier!

And Wilma has two pickups installed – a Fishman Rare Earth Blend, which is a humbucker plus an internal condenser mic, and a Fishman Matrix transducer in the bridge.

My pedal board is pretty weird, it’s a completely unique setup as far as I know. I run the 3 pickups (the humbucker, the mic and the transducer) into 3 Boss PQ3Bs, which are long-discontinued vintage parametric EQ pedals. The humbucker also goes through a Tech 21 Blonde, which is an awesome Fendery overdrive pedal and amp simulator, and a Boss OC3 which gives me an added sub-octave. Then the three signals from the three pickups get mashed up into one mono signal using a Boss LS2 Line Selector. Then the whole thing shoots out into a Line 6 Echo Park and a Line 6 Verbzilla for stereo delays and reverbs.

I also have a multi-fx unit you can see on the video: That’s a Digitech Vocal 300 which I use on my voice. On Passionflower there’s an octave effect and delays and reverbs, and some compression. I don’t use any compression on the guitar, it would mess up the percussion too much.

And that’s pretty much it! And yet I still call myself an acoustic artist. Ha ha!

For more information on Jon Gomm see: Jon Gomm’s Official Website and to learn how to play his songs visit: Jon Gomm TABs.

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