Fender Micro ABY Pedal

Fender introduces the Micro ABY pedal, one of the four new micro-sized pedals from the famous guitar gear maker.

Fender Micro ABY

As the name implies, this is a miniaturized signal path switcher that can also combine two signals together.

For many, pedalboard space has become a scarce resource, especially now that there are so many stompboxes to choose from. This is why many manufacturers have embraced the compact pedal format, with some going for even smaller “micro” or “mini” sized pedals. Fender joins this club with the introduction of their very own micro pedals, one of which is the Micro ABY.

Micro ABY lets you expand the versatility of your rig without wasting precious pedalboard real estate. With its compact dimensions that measure 93.5 mm (D) × 42 mm (W) × 52 mm (H), the Micro ABY pedal will easily fit into your pedalboard. And since it weighs just 160 g, this pedal will also be very easy to store and carry around.

ABY switches are not effect pedals, rather they are signal path controllers that can be used to conveniently switch or combine signals for those that have multiple amp and guitar path setups. This means that ease of operation, response time and clarity is of utmost importance. Fender was able to accomplish these requirements by utilizing true hardwire bypass wiring for the ABY ports, resulting in quiet uninterrupted signal flow

Fender Micro ABY

The Fender Micro ABY pedal will let you output your guitar signal to two signal paths, or switch between the two. This will allow for convenient pedal or amp switching, which can be done in realtime via the pedal’s sturdy footswitch. Finally the pedal is housed inside a tank-tough metal chassis.

Other Features:

  • Includes three 1/4″ mono jacks for flexible guitar, bass, amplifier and keyboard connectivity
  • Compact footprint to fit on a crowded pedal board
  • Protective metal housing for withstand the rigors of the road
  • True hardwire bypass wiring for quiet uninterrupted signal flow
  • Power Requirements: AC adapter 9V DC center negative (not included)
  • Power not required for function (9V center negative power supply required to operate LED indicators)

For more information on the Micro ABY and the other new Fender branded Micro pedals, head over to Fender.

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