12 New Mooer Micro Pedals – NAMM 2013

Osiamo will introduce 12 new Mooer Micro Pedals into the US Market at the coming 2013 NAMM.

LoFi Machine Mooer Micro

The new pedals bring the total number of Mooer Micro effects to 36, expanding Osiamo’s wide array of compact guitar pedals

This newly introduced micro effects cover essentials like distortion, overdrive, equalizer and other interesting effects. Like the micro pedals before them, they come in a sturdy metal shell that is less than 1/2 the size of a standard pedal. All the pedals offer true bypass switching and many of them feature rare integrated chips that faithfully replicate classic effect pedals sounds.

Here are the Mooer Micro pedals, scheduled to be out in the US Market on the first part of 2013: the Acoustikar (acoustic simulator), ABY (channel switch), Funky Monkey (auto wah), Graphic B (5 band bass EQ), Graphic G (5 band guitar EQ), Repeater (digital delay), LoFi Machine (decimator effect), Blues Mood (classic blues overdrive), Rumble Drive (overdrive), Solo (distortion), Fog (bass fuzz) and Gray Faze (vintage fuzz).

Mooer Micro Pedals 2013 NAMM

Among the new pedals, there are some that caught our attention. The Mooer Micro ABY is among them, a unique channel switcher pedal that got us curious. ABY works both ways, allowing for signal to flow from A/B to Y, or from Y to A/B, making it a compact and flexible switcher. Another nifty feature of this micro pedal is that it will work even without a power supply!

Another cool pedal among the new Mooer Micros is the Acoustikar, featuring 3 Working Modes that include Piezo, Standard and Jumbo. This gives you versatile acoustic emulation at a very affordable price tag and compact size.

The LoFi Machine micro pedal is another one that caught our attention. It allows you to reduce the sampling rate/depth of your signal, resulting in cool analog sounding effect sounds, with 3 modes for guitar, bass or synth.

The other new pedals give you familiar effect types like blues over drive, distributions, fuzz and delay. Like the other Mooer Micro pedals, most of the new ones share the same suggested retail of $99. You can find out more about the new Mooer Micro pedals by visiting Mooer Audio.

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