Fender to release 2 new custom John Mayer guitars

Fender and John Mayer are teaming up to create two different model replicas of his favourite axe which he calls 'The Black One'. This will be the second time Mayer has teamed up with Fender, having previously developed a John Mayer Signature Stratocaster which was released in 2005.

In a video on his official YouTube channel, Mayer says,

“I'm meeting with Mike Eldred and Justin Norvell from Fender Custom Shop and we're talking about something we've kicked around for two, three years.

“We are going to recreate this black guitar, which I call The Black One… We're going to recreate this in two different ways, two different models. One of them: super limited edition, master built, custom shop, like dead-on balls accurate, as you see it.”

“And the other one – because I don't want to say to fans, 'Hey, you can own my guitar, it's six grand, there's 83 of them, go for it!' I think I want to do 83 of the custom-shop master built version and then offer (a more affordable version), an unlimited production line version of it.”

You can view the video below:

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