MannMade Intonatable Stoptail Bridge

Mann Made introduces the updated Intonatable Stoptail Bridge, now with pre-slotted saddles designed for Gibson and PRS stoptail guitars.

MannMade Intonatable Stoptail Bridge

This new version with pre-slotted saddles is brought about by the many requests from guitarists who want an easy swap stop tail bridge that allows intonation and requires no modification on both the bridge itself and the guitar.

The lack of intonation adjustments on many stoptail bridge equipped guitars have led MannMade to design one that combines the features of the tune-o-matic bridge and the stop tail piece into a single unit. The result is the Intonatable Stoptail Bridge, which secures your strings like a stop tail piece, and allows saddle adjustments much like a tun-o-matic bridge.

Each Intonatable Stoptail Bridge is said to be precisely crafted using CNC machines, featuring aircraft grade aluminum to ensure consistency and reliability. It follows the shape of a stoptail and fits snugly into many PRS and Gibson guitars without requiring any modifications. The saddles, screws, studs and stud wells are all machined from solid brass billet and left unplated for better tonal transfer. The bridge comes in either natural aluminum, gold anodize or black anodize color, and you can choose between polish or satin style. The brass parts are available in nickel, gold or black plating.

Because they are accurately machined to exacting tolerances, locking studs are no longer required. This allows for better coupling with both the bridge and the guitar, which results in improved sound transfer. As a plus, the studs won’t flop around or fall off and ding the top of the guitar when changing strings.

MannMade USA founder and designer John Mann said, “You asked for it, so I figured out how to make it! MannMade USA recently announced the release of our Intonatable Stoptail bridge. I received a lot of positive feedback on this, however lots of players asked if I could provide pre-slotted saddles. I was a bit hesitant at first, because not all stoptails are mounted perpendicular to the center of the neck. Some of those old Gibson Les Pauls and SG’s had the bridge canted quite a bit! Pre-slotted saddles would not be a good choice for those guitars. Many PRS guitars are equipped with non-adjustable stoptail bridges, and it seems like a lot of owners would love to have an intonatable solution. Because these bridges are set pretty square to the neck, pre-slotted saddles would be an excellent option.

He concludes, “So we did it! Not only did we slot the saddle, we also made it thicker… for more mass… better tone… more sustain…”

The new Intonatable Stoptail Bridge is currently selling for $150. For more information and complete specifications, head over to MannMade USA for further details.

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