Fret-King Black Label Guitars to debut at NAMM 2012

Fret-King is all set to unveil the Black Label series of electric guitars and basses on January 19th, at the coming NAMM 2012.

Fret-King Jerry Donahue

Distributor John Hornby Skewes & Co. Ltd (JHS) and Trev Wilkinson teamed up to create 12 new Black Label Guitars.

These Black Label guitars are designed to provide custom shop quality build and playability in familiar guitar body shapes. They took the best of what modern guitar technology has to offer and combined it with recognized traditional guitar methods, to create guitars that are stylish, reliable, playable and great sounding. The Black Label guitars are meant to be professional working tools, meeting the demands of high profile players, while maintaining reasonable affordability.

Fret-King Geoff Whitehorn

Part of the Black Label design strategy was to actually listen to pro players, and to work with them in creating instruments that reflected their ideal guitar. A collaboration between Trev Wilkinson and hugely experienced players like Dave ‘Bucket’ Colwell, Jerry Donahue, Gordon Giltrap, and Geoff Whitehorn, was set up to create a collection of artist-inspired guitars featuring attributes that all players will find practical, useful, and, above all, musical.

Fret-King Black Label Super-Hybrid

The single cut Black Label Eclat has peerless classic looks, and a wide tonal palette. The Country Squire is a magical fusion of the familiar with the contemporary country guitar tones. The Elise has a body style with a heritage that spans all musical styles, while the Corona, a moniker associated with high-end UK-built double-cut Fret-Kings for over two decades, builds on the roots of this icon. Meanwhile, the Super-Hybrid is a radical acoustic electric hybrid that is so useable, and lastly bass players will enjoy the Perception.

Fret-King Black Label Eclat

To audition these collection of affordable boutique quality guitars, you can visit JHS booth at Hall E 1212 at NAMM 2012.

Here you have Tev Wilkinson introducing the Black Label Series:

For more details about the Fret-King Black Label Guitars, head over to Fret-King.

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