FuzzHugger releases the Great Wall Fuzz Pedal

FuzzHugger(fx) has released their third original fuzz pedal, this one being a wall of fuzz as thick and high gain as they come! More extreme than FuzzHugger(fx)'s best-selling Algal Bloom, but every bit as toneful, the Great Wall features a more gained-up tone with a huge bottom end. There are some famously huge fuzz pedals out there, and the Great Wall seeks to improve on all of them in features, tone, and flexibility.

With five interative and flexible controls, including a bypass toggle for its flexible tone filter, the Great Wall pumps out high gain, densely packed fuzz. The controls take things from dark and fat, to open, to focused, to ragged, and back to huge! Flipping the tone bypass toggle allows for one more way to open up the pedal, giving you an unfiltered raw, full-on tone!

Introductory Price: $125.00 (The Great Wall circuit is also available in a 3-knob, limited run pedal called the Tea Bagger for $109.)


– Quadruple Silicon+Germanium Diode fuzz!

– Controls (standard model): Gain, Fuzz, Tone, Level controls, and tone bypass toggle.

– Professionally printed circuit board.

– Red gem button LED.

– True-bypass switching.

– 9v negative tip adapter power.

– Five Year Free Parts and Labor Warranty, Lifetime Free Labor!

For more information, please visit www.fuzzhugger.com

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