Gibson Firebird V 2016 T

The updated Firebird V 2016 T is the latest incarnation of one of Gibson’s most distinct looking guitar models.

Gibson Firebird V 2016 T

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It carries over many of the features of its predecessor, while introducing minor changes to the hardware, as well as adding features that are common to all Gibson 2016 series guitars.

The original Firebird was designed by automotive designer Ray Dietrich back in 1963, and it has continued to be a part of Gibson’s lineup to this day. While it may not be as poplar as the Les Paul, or the SG, there will always be guitarists who prefer them because of their unconventional looks, including artists that have been known to play the instrument like Johnny Winter, Warren Haynes, Eric Clapton and many more.

And so, the Firebird gets an updated model for 2016, carrying over many of the features found in the 2015 version while making some changes to improve the playability of the instrument, as well as the overall sound and feel. More importantly, it has the same chrome and tailfins inspired look that made it easily standout.

The shape of this guitar looks like a left handed guitar that’s been reversed, and this maybe the reason why it looks familiar, even with its seemingly unconventional shape. The wood that gives the body its reverse shape are called “wings”, and they are crafted from mahogany. They are called wings because of the way they attach to the core of the body, which is part of the guitar’s neck-through-body design.

As the name implies, the neck and the center of the body is one continuous piece for improved resonance and structural integrity. The neck is topped by a rosewood fingerboard with a scale length of 24.75″ and a total of 22 frets, following traditional Gibson specs. For modern playability, Gibson went with a 12″ fingerboard radius, and features a 1.695″ wide tektoid nut that’s preferred for its self-lubrication properties and improved sustain. The reverse headstock is equipped with Steinberg Gearless tuners which provides accurate and reliable tuning without having to change the look of the headstock.

Giving this electric guitar its tone are two Firebird MiniHumbuckers (495R for the neck, and 495T for the bridge). These are wired to a 3-way pickup selector with independent volume and tone knobs for each pickup. Gibson describes the resulting sound as “rich, clear and biting”.

The Gibson Firebird V 2016 T has an MSRP of $1099, and is currently available from many major online retailers. For more information and to see the complete specifications, you can head over to Gibson.

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