Guild Guitars hosts first-ever ‘Let’s Meet Guild’ Factory Tour Event

Guild Guitars opened its doors to the public for the first time with “Let's Meet Guild,” a behind-the-scenes look at the new Guild factory in New Hartford, Conn. Over 45 members of the “Let's Talk Guild” online forum attended the exclusive event, which featured an extensive tour, Q&A sessions, and a close-up look at Guild's newly-refined guitar-making processes.

Guild was thrilled to offer users a chance to tour the new factory and to see everything that goes into making a Guild guitar. Guild Product Manager Dave Gonzalez relates, “It meant a great deal to them to see the factory first-hand, since Guild had never given that kind of access before. The reactions we saw were extremely positive.”

Guests got an exclusive behind-the-scenes view of Guild's newly-developed proprietary tooling, which increases consistency in the build of the instruments while mupholding the high attention to detail and hand-craftsmanship that Guild guitars are famous for. Attendees were able to try out guitars from every Guild line, including revamped classics such as the D-55 and F-412, and yet-to-be-released models such as the limited-run GSR F-30 and the USA Standard Series.

A raffle was also held, where an array of Guild merchandise was given away and one lucky forum member walked away with a brand new F-512 12-string guitar.

Guild representatives held open discussions to answer questions and get feedback from Guild owners. Gonzalez states, “It was a huge benefit, both for us and for them to be able to bring folks out and get their feedback, and to talk about what their expectations are and what's important to them as players and owners of Guild guitars,and we hope to do it again in the future.”

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  1. Guild M-120NAT Serial Number GAD-13818

    I just purchased this guitar from Portland Music Company to-day because it simply just looks beautiful. Several years had an M20 and I thought that this new one would sound like the old one well it does’nt but it sure looks good. I understood that the action would need to be adjusted, and it needs some thats to be expected, but that is not the problem the sound is not that good, could it be the strings? Who made them? Any suggestions on what I should use for strings I really like the Guitar it looks way better than anything I have including my Martins, the size is just right, I would just like it to have a little better tone. Oh yeah, can you tell me when it was built? Are there any broshures available? Five questions seems like a lot of trouble but I hope you can help or have some some suggestions.


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