Guitars in the Classroom to Give Free Training at The Summer 2010 NAMM Show

Guitars in The Classroom has announced that its AMIGO Program and the new MIRSE Project (pronounced “mercy”) have be awarded a generous grant for the coming school year by the NAMM Foundation.

According to Jessica Baron, the organization's executive director, the NAMM Foundation's continuing support will allow GITC to start new AMIGO programs around the country for teachers of English Language Learners, while beginning a brand new initiative to bring music to special education classrooms and resource specialists with MIRSE (Music Integration for Resource and Special Educators).

Many students in special education or resource services miss out on general music education when they are sent to therapy or remedial “pull out” groups rather than being allowed to attend music classes. This has deprived many students of the experience of learning to make music at school when that learning modality would actually help many of them experience more joy and success in the classroom.

Dr. Howard Gardner, Professor of Cognition and Education at Harvard University posited a theory that music is its own form of intelligence, equally as valuable and important as Logical-Mathematical, Linguistic, Bodily-kinesthetic, Spatial and other intelligence forms. By training resource and special educators to integrate music, GITC will begin making it possible for students with special needs to learn through making music as part of everyday academic activities. By training resource and special educators to integrate music, students with special needs will have daily opportunities to learn through making music. GITC will create a Best Practice Guide by the end of 2011, including a variety of success stories as well as music integration lessons, guidelines, and personal writing by and for teachers of students with special needs.

To kick off the new year of trainings, Guitars in the Classroom will offer a hands-on program and Q & A session to music educators who are attending Music Education Days at The Summer 2010 NAMM Show in Nashville on Saturday morning, June 19, from 10:30 – 11:30 AM. To learn more about Music Education Days at NAMM, please click here.

Guitars for use during the workshop as well as musical supplies and take-to-school materials will be provided free-of-charge, courtesy of several GITC NAMM member sponsors.

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