GuitarRx – Riff Practice App

Learn to play your guitar riffs anywhere you go, straight from your Android or iOS device with the new GuitarRX app.

GuitarRx - Riff Practice App

This app will help you learn your favorite guitar riffs, it transforms your practice time from boring classroom like learning into fun jam sessions.

GuitarRx helps you become a better guitar player while having fun playing along to some cool popular guitar riffs.

It offers a good starting point for beginners and can also be a fun alternative while you take a break from serious theory and scales wood shedding.

Upon installing, the app gives you 5 free basic practice segments. You then get more free lessons over the first two weeks of installing the app. Since lessons that feature commercial songs will require the payment of royalties, the free content will be mainly generic, yet still essential guitar riffs.

Within the app, you can purchase various bundles of practice riffs, featuring some of the most popular guitar songs in history. Example of available riffs are taken from songs like Black Magic Woman, Sweet Home Alabama, Stairway to Heaven, China Grove, One of Theses Nights, Reelin in the Years, Brick in the Wall, Ramblin Man and many others.

The app will also let you purchase some of the best riffs by the who’s who of guitar legends: Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Carlos Santana, Jeff Beck, BB King, Jimmy Paige, Joe Walsh, Eric Clapton and many, many more.

To make learning fun and easy, the lessons feature full and half speed real guitar audio that is accompanied by accurate tabs. Each lesson also comes with a a brief “take away” – adding not just technique, but musical wisdom which is just as valuable as skill.

For more information on the apps’ size and compatibility, you can check out the GuitarRx for iOS, and GuitarRx for Android at

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