Hartman LM308 Op-Amp Distortion pedal released

Hartman has made available their LM308 Op-Amp Distortion pedal that they say is inspired by the edgy, modern-sounding distortion popularized by punk, new-wave and college rock bands of the late 70's and early 80's.

“Incorporating true-bypass switching and LED indicators, each pedal features ultra-quiet premium components, military-spec plated-thru-hole printed circuit board (PCB) construction, and the LM308: the 1970's-manufacture Op-Amp that lent its signature tone some of the finest pedals of that era” the Hartman website reads.


It goes on to say, “The pedal offers two modes of distortion, selectable on-the-fly via stomp switch. The first distortion mode (A) employs a diode-clipping stage to produce a classic distortion and crunch of the early ProCo RAT, exhibiting the sensitivity to player pick-attack, mute- and pinch-harmonics for which that pedal is reknowned.”

“The second distortion mode (SYM) transforms the pedal into an overdrive, increasing transparency, headroom, and dynamic response, and producing a hotter output signal suitable for overdriving the input of downstream amps/devices.”

“Together, the two modes of operation expand the pedal's sonic palette and versatility, allowing it to be applied to a wide array of setups, playing styles and musical contexts, old and new.”

The LM308 will set you back $189US.

Full details at Hartman website.

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