Peavey MSDI simulates miked guitar cabinet

Peavey has introduced the MSDI, or Microphone Simulated Direct Interface, a patch box that delivers the sound of a miked guitar cabinet in live performance and studio recording applications.

The Peavey MSDI connects to an amplifier rig between the amp head and cabinet via ¼” input jacks without changing the sound of the amplifier in any way. The balanced XLR output then routes the signal with miked-cabinet simulation directly into the front-of-house mix or recording device. The sound of the cabinet being used is maintained through an all-passive microphone emulation circuit.

The MSDI features a Tone switch that adjusts the high-frequency response of the MSDI to accommodate personal preferences. The Reference setting is optimized for most speaker-level applications, but High Cut and High Boost settings may be used to suit various loudspeaker enclosures and preferences. The MSDI can also be used with line-level signals, with no speaker connected, to accommodate preamp outputs, effects sends and more.

The Output Level control sets the level of the signal being sent to the mixer or recording device. The -15 dB Reference Level is the default setting, and adjustments for more or less signal can be made from there. In speaker-level applications, the setting will depend on the output power and volume level of the amplifier used. At lower settings with very high-powered guitar amplifiers, the low frequency response is slightly enhanced. In low-level applications it should, typically, be set at higher levels to reduce attenuation.

The Peavey MSDI will be available from authorized Peavey retailers in Q4 2007.

Features · Simulates sound of miked guitar cabinet · Tone switch with Reference, High Cut and High Boost settings · Transformer-balanced XLR output with level adjustment · Ground lift · Passive circuitry—no power needed to operate, thus no clipping · U.S. MSRP $149.99


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