Ibanez Mick Thomson Signature MTM1BK

Ibanez introduces the MTM1BK, the latest iteration of the first signature guitar they created for Slipknot’s Mick Thomson.
Ibanez MTM1BK
As the label implies, the MTM1 is the first guitar to come out of the MTM line, based on the popular Ibanez RG series with important build changes that follow Mick’s preferences. Mick Thomson solid timing and drop tuned riffs are the foundation of Slipknot’s unique sound. And there’s no denying that his guitar work and tone has influenced many players, including his contemporaries. His band is among the pioneers that helped shape the sound of today’s metal music. First introduced in 2006, the original MTM1 featured a neck-through-body construction, making it stand out from the usual bolt-on neck super strats that were prevalent at the time. This noteworthy feature is carried over to the 2015 version of the MTM1, along with the mahogany body wings that make up the double cutaway and curved shape. Originally, the MTM1 came with EMG pickups, but they were replaced 2 years later with Seymour Duncan Blackouts. This was also the same year when a black finish version was made available, while still retaining the two humbucker pickup configuration. From Korea, production of the MTM1 has since moved to Indonesia, and have undergone some minor changes. The 2015 MTM1 BK now comes with Mick Thomson’s signature Seymour Duncan Blackouts EMTY, co-designed by Mick himself to provide even tighter bottom end. This active pickup is meant for aggressive metal playing and is designed to handle low tunings, ideal for Slipknot style riffs. As expected from Ibanez, priority is given for smooth playability. They achieved this by utilizing their Wizard III neck configuration, crafted from 5-pc Maple/Walnut combination. The bound rosewood fretboard has a Strat style 25.5″ scale length and features 24 jumbo frets. It carries the distinct “seven” inlay that has become Mick’s trademark. Neck stability and sustain is improved by the neck through design and KTS Titanium rods. Other features include FX Edge III bridge and reverse headstock. The Ibanez MTM1 guitar is released in time with Slipknot’s west coast summer tour along with Lamb of God. For more information and other details, head over to Ibanez. Related Articles: Ibanez RG Iron Label Guitars 2016 Electric Guitars for under $1000 Checkout our selection of the Best Electric Guitars for under $1000

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