Ibanez – Please Don’t Add This To Your RG Lineup!

These guys are skating on thin ice with their modified Ibanez electric guitar…

Ibanez Skateboard

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Bad puns and click bait titles aside, the following video of some guys converting an old Ibanez they bought off craigslist and turning it into a skateboard has gone viral with well over 500,000 views.

If you’re a skater then you probably think this video is RG (really gnarly), but if you’re a guitarist it can be painful to watch as this guitar gets destroyed in a local skate park.

Personally I think their behavior was disgraceful and displayed a total lack of respect for a fine instrument as they shredded the Ibanez – they should have done it to an Eastwood Airline Map instead 🙂

So without further ado, here is the video so you can judge for yourself…

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2 thoughts on “Ibanez – Please Don’t Add This To Your RG Lineup!”

  1. Well, we've seen guitars

    Well, we’ve seen guitars made out of old skateboards, so I guess this was inevitable, heh.

    1. Guitar made from recycled skateboards

      Here’s one where the guitar gets its revenge – this one is made from recycled skateboards…

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