Ibanez RGKP6 with Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2S

The Ibanez RGKP6 is a guitar with built-in electronic music effects courtesy of the top-mounted Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2S.

Ibanez RGKP6

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This design is an interesting combination that will allow guitarists of all styles to incorporate EDM (electronic dance music) effects into their playing, and do it all without the need for 3rd party hardware.

This instrument is basically a single humbucking pickup Ibanez RG with a mounting hole right beneath the pickup for attaching the Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2S. This configuration allows for quick picking-hand access to the touch interface of the pad, allowing for expressive real time control over the various effects of the Kaoss pad.

At the core of the RGKP6 is the familiar double cutaway mahogany body that comes in the same shape as other Ibanez RG guitars. It is attached to a maple neck with rosewood fretboard. It has 24 jumbo frets with a scale length of 25.5″, nut width of 1.6929″ and neck radius of 15.75″. The guitar currently only comes in cosmo black finish.

Instead of the usual multi-pickup configuration, Ibanez equipped the guitar with a single-coil sized humbucker, called the IBZ-KP. This bridge pickup has passive circuitry and utilizes Ceramic magnets. The obvious concern with this type of configuration is the lack of tonal flexibility, but it seems like Ibanez wants to put the spotlight on the Kaoss Pad, which will hopefully make up for the absence of traditional pickup switching.

But before we get to the Kaoss Pad, the guitar comes with a built-in high-gain distortion circuit that can be enabled via the top mounted switch. You can use it with or without the Mini Kaoss Pad 2S, and it also comes with two knobs for controlling distortion tone and distortion gain.

The star of this new guitar is the built-in/detachable Korg Mini Kaoss pad 2s. It easily attaches or detaches to your guitar and is designed to be compatible with future Kaoss technology. The Kaoss Pad 2S is activated via its own bypass/effect switch. Activating the pad gives you 100 effect programs that can be controlled in real-time via your finger. You can utilize its synthesizer, built-in mp3 player, and it even has a digital recorder to capture your playing. To better utilize the features of the Kaoss Pad, the guitar comes equipped with a 1/8” headphone jack for private jam sessions.

Check out the official video demonstration of the Ibanez RGKP6:

What makes this instrument even more interesting is its affordable price tag – it is currently retailing for just under $400. For the complete specifications and other details, visit Ibanez.

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