Interview with bass player Noah Babcock

Loomis & the Lust aren't just riding waves in their home town of Santa Barbara— they're making their own. The quartet creates catchy, buoyant rock n' roll with flourishes of funk and dance. Noah Babcock's bass bounces through deep rhythms from drummer Jeremy Berisha, while Thomas Masker bolts down the riffs. At the center of the sound stands vocalist and guitarist Will Loomis, who propels the band into the pop rock stratosphere with his combination of vocal bravado and guitar gusto.

Noah Babcock

Photo Credit: Tyler Shields

Tell us about the music of your band Loomis & The Lust.

Our music is made for people to dance to. We combine elements of funk and rock, add a dash of blues, and finish with a pop garnish.

What makes Loomis & The Lust unique and standout from all the other cool, up-and-coming new bands out there?

We aren't cool. That said, we stay close to our roots and we don't stray into what people want us to be or sound like. The way we see, if you just be yourself, nobody can tell you that you're doing it wrong!

You’re from Santa Barbara, California. Is there a big music scene in that beachfront town?

YES! We love our SB and all the bands that come from here. This is vacation land and it transcends into the music that is created in this city.

When did you first start playing the guitar, and why?

I first started playing when I was in eighth grade. That's a strange time for everyone, and for me music was the only thing that made sense.

Who are the biggest guitar influences on your playing?

JAMES JAMERSON! John Entwistle, Gene Wright, and Jack Bruce.

What specific gear do you use?

I play a 1971 P-Bass through an Aguilar DB750 with an Ampeg cabinet

The band’s debut EP “Nagasha” is due out July 14th. What can we expect from Loomis & The Lust coming up?

So many gigs, so little time…

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