Keeley Caverns Delay Reverb

Keeley Electronics introduces their latest time-based delay and reverb ambience effect pedal, the Caverns Delay Reverb.

Keeley Caverns Delay Reverb

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This new reverb/delay pedal features the company’s dual DSP platform, which allows this compact pedal to house multiple reverb modes and a 24-bit 1-second digital delay channel.

This pedal literally packs full-featured digital delay and reverb circuits into one compact unit, you can use them individually with their dedicated knobs and footswitches or you can use them simultaneously for more ambience control.

More than merely physically conjoining the circuits, Keeley Electronics tweaked the two ambient effects to complement each other and not fight over frequencies, which usually is the case when utilizing both reverb and delay. This reduces the time needed to tweak parameters when combining the two effects, and makes it easier to implement on your existing guitar rig.

The pedal’s reverb section strays far from conventional, employing subtle changes to make the reverb effect more musical and useful for creating unique or subtle ambiences.

The Reverb channel features 3 unique modes:

  • Modulation Mode – Introduces pulsing modulation to the reverb to add musical inspiration and provide a different take on normal reverb effects
  • Neutral Studio Plate Mode – Delivers studio-quality reverb with adjustable pre-delay reflections for the ultimate enhancement
  • Shimmer Mode – Enables control over the reverb with an additional and prominent emphasis on octave-up voices for another unique creative twist

Expanding the capabilities of the reverb section further is the new “Morph” control, which lets you control specialized parameters depending on the reverb mode. It will let you tweak the modulation pulse in Modulation mode, adjust the pre-delay reflection in Studio Plate mode, and change the octave-up voice intensity in Shimmer mode. Other reverb channel controls include Decay, Tone and Blend knobs.

The Delay channel allows for up to 1 second 24-bit studio grade delay. And according to the company, they applied a “dynamic modulation feature into the effect, allowing signal repeats to stay clean until they start to decay, adding modulation that grows in intensity as the signal fades. Other controls include time, regen and level.

Check out the official video demo:

Keeley Electronics concludes: “The Caverns Delay Reverb is a wonderfully rich, compact, and dynamic platform for time-delay enhancement for the serious musician. Like all of Keeley Electronics’ designs, the Caverns Delay Reverb is hand-built in the USA using the finest components and construction techniques. It is housed in a beautifully powder-coated and rugged enclosure, includes true bypass switching, and world-class Keeley customer support.

The Keeley Caverns Delay Reverb is now available for $249, visit Keeley Electronics for further details.

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