Keeley Seafoam+ Chorus Pedal

Keeley Engineering introduces the Seafoam+ Vibrato Chorus Pedal, featuring the company’s new DSP platform that can be tuned to work for Guitar and Bass.

Keeley Seafoam+ Vibrato Chorus Pedal

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Since it has more than one effect, the Seafoam+ is actually a multi-effect pedal that combines analog style chorus, modulation, vibrato and even reverb effects, all in one compact stompbox.

To make the Seafoam Plus truly versatile, Keeley equipped it with three effect modes, and all of which can be switched to work for either guitar or bass. According to the company, each mode is designed to mimic the quality of chorus as found on expensive DAWs and studios.

CEO Robert Keeley said, “We have expanded on the success of our Automatic Double Tracking and Chorus by combining the sounds on our new DSP platform using the 24-bit Spin FV-1. We have created algorithms that are new and unique in the stompbox world. We have crafted really warm sounding, true chorus tones and added pitch tuning without modulation and reverb that is not possible in the analog world.

The first mode of the new Seafoam Plus Chorus is the ADT mode, which gives you automatic doubler, based on the 30ms Double Tracker. This design creates a second and third voice that are not only delayed, but have subtly different pitch, resulting in what the company calls as true chorus.

The Seafoam Mode offers a more vintage style chorus sound, as expected from chorus pedals. What sets it apart however is its built-in vibrato effect. This is made possible by an LFO that produces the cycling effect. For a spacious sounding chorus, just set the rate for slow and depth for wide. You can also roll the Mix control all the way up for Vibrato effect. The Space control serves as the Tone Control in this mode, you can use it to from bright to vintage warmth.

The third mode is called Dual Chorus Mode, featuring a frequency cross-over based dual chorus engine. This allows for really deep chorus effects, with independent depth controls for the high and low frequencies. With this mode, you can have deep throbbing chorus sound on the bass while having a calm chorus on the top end and vice versa, perfect for tunes like Nirvana’s “Come as you are”.

Another cool feature of this pedal is the ability to switch for bass via a switch on the inside of the pedal. This transforms the chorus effect to work specifically for bass guitars, with controls for regeneration and high pass filtering.

Finally, there’s a Vintage and Modern switch, which is also located on the inside of the pedal. Seafoam+ ships in Modern mode, for the wide and high fidelity chorus sound, changing it to vintage warms up and smoothens the sound.

Check out the official video demo:

The new Keeley Seafoam Plus Chorus is now retailing for $189, more information is available at Robert Keeley.

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