Koch Jupiter 212 Combo Amplifier

Koch releases the 45W Jupiter 2×12 combo, a boutique style amp with modern features driven by two 12AX7 tubes.

Koch Jupiter Combo Amplifier

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The amp looks and sounds like a vintage combo amp, designed to be adept at handling rehearsal, live performance and recording.

Like most boutique amplifiers, Jupiter has two basic channels – Clean (Cool) and Overdrive (Hot). The two channels feature independent controls for volume and gain giving you two distinct sounds. The Hot channel also comes with a boost switch, adding more output and gain to the sound and giving the amp its third voice.

Tone shaping is done through the amp’s shared 3-band EQ section that lets you tweak the bass, middle and treble frequencies. Further sculpting is achieved via the addition of Contour switch, which lets you emphasize the mids for a vintage style tone, or you can use it to scoop the middle frequencies for a more modern sound.

In true vintage fashion, Koch equipped this amp with a Spring type reverb with front mounted control. This old technology is contrasted by the amp’s modern functions that include its buffered effects loop section for plugging in your pedals and Speaker emulated output with passive filter, making the amp ready for direct recording.

Like most modern tube amps, the new Jupiter amp comes with a built-in power attenuator called Dimmer control. This will give you tube saturated tone at lower volumes, adding to the efficiency of the amp.

The tube driven preamp and poweramp section drives two custom designed VG12-60 Koch 12” speakers. 4, 8 and 16 Ohm speaker outputs are provided should you need to expand your sound or if you prefer a different cabinet.

Koch bundled the 2×12″ amp with a two button footswitch. The left button lets you switch between the Hot and Cool channels while the the right button is assignable to either engage the Reverb or turn on the boost for channel 2.

Check out the official demo video:

Pricing information will soon be announced. You can visit Koch Amps for more information.

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