New Randall Pedals – NAMM 2014

Randall Amplifiers introduce four new pedals designed for modern metal players: the RGOD preamp, MOR boost, FacePunch overdrive and the RF8 MIDI footswitch.

New Randall Pedals

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The new stompboxes have a distinct look compared to other pedals, carrying the same visual appeal as Randall amps. They will be unveiled at the 2014 Winter NAMM in Anaheim, CA. Hall B, Booth #5740.

Each pedal is designed with the help of Mike Fortin, Randall’s design engineer with 20+ years of experience with high gain amps. The aim is to provide Randall’s characteristic tone and performance in compact pedal format, and they approached it by creating three pedals that emulate particular aspects of their amp design.

First in line in this series is the new Randall RGOD, a two-channel FET preamp pedal with independent gain and volume knobs. Aside from the ability to switch channels, the pedal provides amp like tone shaping via the EQ knobs that include Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence. Further tone sculpting is available via the Bass Boost, Mid Boost and Tone Stack Shift (T.S.S) buttons.

While the RGOD comes with a wealth of knobs, buttons and switches – the Randall MOR boost pedal follows the opposite route. It only has one knob for controlling the gain/level of your signal and a single footswitch for engaging the effect.

The Randall FacePunch overdrive pedal sports a unique set of controls – three knobs for controlling Smooth, Punch and Frequency. These fancy names however represent standard overdrive parameters that include gain, level and EQ(tone).

The odd one out among these new pedals is the Randall RF8, an 8 button universal MIDI footswitch controller. This is not really an effect pedal, but a controller that can be used with MIDI compatible amps and other devices.

All three effect pedals feature true bypass switching and are powered by 9V power supplies. Pricing and other information will soon be available. You can visit Randall Amplifiers for further details.

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<div class="cmt-sbj">4 button swith</div><div class='author-st'>wayne niesler</div>

hi fellas….just wonderin if u,s could help me with small problem… a g2…rh100 …randall amp head….it was a replace the whole 100watt amp section sort bargain so all together it cost 150$….so discovered winible randall 4 button board on ebay but needed brand new chord to amp together 150$!….so all systems that would work from switch board…channel….gain….clean boost …..of which these 3 work……but havin no luck still to this day of ………..with the reverb effects………..the reverb seems to work fine with or without board…an it was the part in the head that wasnt replaced….but luv to have me reverb workin the 3 workin one all light up the red but have never had that reverb light up red …yet….hopin u,s might be able to help ….thanks wayne

4 button swith
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