TC Electronic BH250 Amp Head with TonePrint

The BH250 is a powerful and compact amp head designed for bassists, featuring TC Electronic’s TonePrint technology.

TC Electronic BH250

This bass amplifier head is small enough to fit in a regular gig bag pocket, and yet it is flexible and comes with 250 watts of power.

Aside from its default bass tone, this amp is designed to be versatile, thanks to its TonePrint technology. This amp will let you conveniently load signature bass effects that include Chorus, Vibrato, Flanger, Sub’n’Up Octaver, Bass Drive and SpectraComp. And all these effects are easily configured and tweaked to your preferred sound.

Aside from getting your own personal tone, you can also choose from TC Electronic’s expanding list of artist created TonePrints, designed by bass virtuosos like Troy Sanders of Mastodon, Nathan East of Fourplay, Michael Shuman of Queens of the Stoneage, Lenny Kravitz bassist Gail Ann Dorsey, Mark King of Level 42 and Robben Ford bassist Roscoe Beck. And note that all these customized tones are yours free of charge.

TC Electronic BH250

Getting the TonePrint into your amp is easy, just download the free TonePrint into your iOS or Android device and run its audio right beside the magnetic pickup of your bass guitar. This will effectively beam the presets into the pickups, and go straight into the BH250. The BH250 will interpret the coming audio signal as a preset that it needs to load. This is a great wireless way of changing your tone. You can also load your favorite TonePrints via physically connecting your BH250 to a Mac or PC.

At just 4 lbs, the BH250 is barely noticeable and is very easy to carry around. It makes life easier for you by letting you have consistent tone on your rehearsals, recordings, practice and gigs.

The TC Electronic BH250 Amp Head is expected to be available in October of 2012, and it’s list price is around $299.

For more information and to check on other TonePrint capable products, you can visit TC Electronic.

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