TC Electronic BH800 Bass Amp Head

TC Electronic expand their portable bass amplifier line with the new BH800 Bass amp head.

TC Electronic BH800

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This amp builds up on the micro bass head BH250, carrying over the same portable design and TonePrint versatility, with added power and more control options.

According to TC Electronic, this new amp is the result of requests from Bass players that were impressed by the smaller BH250 but wanted more power and volume. The BH800 gives you 800 Watts of power for use with larger venues, and comes with improved features.

The more obvious addition to this amp is the 4-band EQ control that takes up quite a lot of space at the front panel. It is described as “intelligent” EQ because it can cut and boost specific frequencies that are tuned for bass guitars, simplifying the tone shaping process. The company says, “So no matter if you like your sound nice and scooped, fat and groovy or filled with high-end sparkle the BH800’s tone controls will be sure to cut and boost in all the right places, leaving you sounding your best every single time!”

Compared to its smaller predecessor, the sonic versatility of the BH800 amp is expanded with two TonePrint slots. These slots represent an entire pedalboard’s worth of Bass friendly effects that can be loaded to your amp conveniently via your smart phone or tablet. You can choose between six different effects, including Octaver, Chorus, Vibrato, Flanger, SpectraComp and Bass Drive. And it’s not just the effect that can be loaded into the amp, you can also instantly recall effects settings that were made by popular bass players that include Victor Wooten, Roscoe Beck, Nathan East, Duff McKagan and many more. With the ability to add effects, this compact amp is able to provide a wide variety of bass tones.

Another cool feature of the amp is the built-in tuner that is always on. It has a frequency range that supports six-string basses and feature bright monitoring lights. Other features include Aux-in for jamming along with your favorite tracks, headphones out for quiet practice and the ability to power multiple speakers.

The suggested retail price for the TC Electronic BH800 is $599.99. Visit TC Electronic for more information.

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