Kustom unveils Deep End hybrid tube bass line

New Deep End bass amps from Kustom combine classic, punchy tube amp tones and touch with the robust power and articulation of solid-state power amp designs. Utilizing a 12AX7 preamp in tandem with a Tube Gain control, players can drive the tube preamp to elicit natural tube overload in varying degrees. From funky clean to mean and aggressive, the Deep End tube preamp has it covered.

Deep End
The DE50

New Deep End amplifiers are available in 50-watt, 100-watt and 200-watt combo models, plus a 300-watt head and four speaker cabinet configurations. Deep End solid-state power amps deliver defined, articulate power. And when they're cranked up, Kustom's exclusive Organic Clipping power amp circuit lets the Deep End react like an all-tube amp, generating lower order, musical harmonics and natural clipping characteristics just like the best all-tube designs. It's the classic power amp “growl” that bass players know and love, with a smooth transition from clean to grind.

In addition to classic, passive tone controls consisting of Bass, Middle and Treble, Deep End amps feature an innovative new approach to solving EQ issues quickly and effectively. Called “Room EQ,” this new circuit consists of Low and High Contour controls, each solving the most common tonal problems that bassists encounter when performing.

Deep End
The DE100

For example, the High Contour control can reduce ear-fatiguing treble peaks that often occur when a room or venue has hard reflections. Alternately, it can be used to reduce treble presence or “sizzle” when required. Low Contour can be used to provide low-end definition in a large, boomy room. Alternately, it can function as a shelving control when pronounced low-end cuts are required. Using both Room EQ controls, players can effectively dial in the EQ structure that works most effectively in any given performance environment.

To make life easier both on stage and in the studio, the DE200 combos and DE300HD head offer a balanced Direct Out with Speaker Emulation. This output was painstakingly engineered to sound like a Deep End amplifier as heard by a bassist standing in front of the amp, capturing the unique tonality of the amplifier/speaker combination. This signal can be used for live applications and in the recording studio.

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