TC Electronic launches RS410 bass cabinet

TC Electronic has quickly established itself as an innovator in the bass playing market with their revolutionary RH450 Bass Amp and RS range of cabinets. Now they've added the RS410 to the range.

RS410 is a perfectly matched 4 x 10″ (plus High-Frequency driver) cabinet for those wanting to bolster their sound with four 10″ drivers for even bigger impact.

The RS410 is an 8 Ohm, 600W cabinet that will allow any bass player to instantly get the loudness and tight response necessary, either on stage or in the studio. The RS410 represents the third product in the RS cabinet range and fits perfectly into the 'stackability' system of the existing RS212 and RS210 cabinets.

Drivers: As with all of the RS range, the drivers are custom made by US company Eminence. The adjustable center HF driver ensures optimal response and brightness, and overlaps the frequency response of the 4 x 10″ drivers to give added presence in the high/mid sweetspot.

Stackability: RS410 may be stacked in two ways. Turning RS410 on its side allows perfect stacking with RS212 and RS210. As the RH450 is capable of driving three RS cabs, each bass player can now mix and match from the range of three cabinets to find the perfect response and tone for their needs.

Using a combination of RS cabs allows maximum flexibility ranging from, for example, RS212 and RS210 in a vertical stack for small to medium size gigs, or RS212, RS410 and RS210 for the bigger gigs where loudness and punch really count.

The conventional stacking of two RS410 units will allow a 4 Ohm configuration of 8 x 10″ drivers, which will satisfy up those who need a really large stage setup.

Rugged science: The RS range incorporates a rugged design with an anti-scratch finish and uses a dual-component 'anti skid' surface treatment to help cabinets 'stick' together when stacked.

Connectivity: RS410 features two high quality Speakon connectors as well as a heavy duty HF attenuator on the rear side.

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