Lick Library release series of Stevie Ray Vaughan DVDs

Lick Library has just released a new title in the definitive series of DVD’s to learning how to play the jaw dropping blues guitar riffs, licks and technique of the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan (SRV). As one of the most respected, influential and legendary blues guitarists of the 20th century, Stevie Ray’s unique style and technique continues to be an inspiration for all guitarists. The new series of Lick Library DVD’s is the most comprehensive guide to learning to play his riffs, guitar solo’s, songs and techniques.

Introducing the Learn to Play Stevie Ray Vaughan DVD’s volume one and two, both double DVD sets with a combined weighty six hours of lessons (RRP £24.99 each). Each of the learn to play volumes features in-depth guitar lessons on five classic SRV songs, where top tutor Jamie Humphries breaks down individual songs and demonstrates how to play the whole tracks including lead guitar, rhythm and guitar solo’s; verse, chorus, intro’s and outro’s note for note!!! Volume one features Texas Flood, Pride & Joy, Scuttlebuttin’, Cold shot and The Sky is Crying. Volume two covers the tracks Couldn’t Stand The Weather, The House Is Rocking, Lenny, Change It, Rude Mood.

Quick Licks in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan (RRP £19.99) is packed full of cool blues guitar licks, tricks and ideas for you to absorb into your playing. This looks at everything from Stevie’s phrasing, climbing string bends, chicken Picking, his famous Texan shuffle and the scales you can practice to nail these killer licks… your playing will never be the same!! The DVD also includes backing tracks for you to practice your new licks and techniques.

Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar techniques (RRP £19.99) will take your blues playing to the next level, showing you an arsenal of over fifty licks that you can incorporate into your blues guitar soloing. From use of double stops to chord ideas, and open position licks to string bending and cool blues riffs. The beauty of this and the other Lick Library DVD’s is that you can watch the lessons over and over again to brush up on your playing and learn at your own speed, it really is like having a your own guitar teacher in your living room!

Finally, to complete the comprehensive range of Stevie Ray Vaughan tuition products, Lick Library also offers a Jam with Stevie Ray Vaughan volume in a 2 DVD+CD format which comes with fourteen superb quality, live recorded backing tracks in both E flat tuning and standard tuning. The backing tracks allow you to play along with a band in real time and practice all the songs you’ve learnt. The DVD’s includes note for note guitar lessons, taught by Jamie Humphries and covers a range of guitar techniques including picking positions and raking/sweeping techniques unique to this DVD. Tracks featured are: Scuttle Buttin’, Pride And Joy, Couldn’t Stand The Weather, Cold Shot, Riviera Paradise, Mary Had A Little Lamb and Crossfire. (RRP £27.99)

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