Lick Library releases Learn to Play Alice in Chains DVD

Lick Library have just released the ultimate guide to learning to play Alice in Chains songs. The New DVD gives in-depth guitar lessons on five classic tracks covering all the guitar riffs and solos as well looking at the techniques used by Jerry Cantrell.

Regarded as one of the most influential bands of the 90’s, Alice in Chains rose to international fame as part of the grunge movement. They were instrumental in helping to define the Seattle sound and went on to sell over 17 million albums worldwide and receive many awards including six Grammy Award nominations. Jerry Cantrell has in particular influenced a generation of guitarists and as the bands lead guitarist, co-lead vocalist, and co-lyricist his songwriting skills and guitar techniques are widely respected.

Learn to Play Alice in Chains is presented by Danny Gill ( former pupil of Joe Satriani ) who breaks down the songs into bite sized chunks for easy learning. He looks at everything from the arrangements, effects, song dynamics, as well as both rhythm and lead guitar parts. Everything is put under the microscope and whether it’s the chorus, verse, intro, solo or bridge, Danny helps explain and demonstrate how to play these songs and reveals the secrets to achieving that distinctive Jerry Cantrell sound.

The new DVD includes note for note guitar lessons on five tracks from the debut album ‘Facelift’ and their multi-platinum second album ‘Dirt’. The tracks include; ‘Them Bones’ with it’s 7/8 timing, drop D tuning and grinding power chords, followed by ‘We Die Young’ with a classic guitar solo where Danny Gill demonstrates tremolo picking, unison bends and harmonics. The track ‘Rooster’ introduces a cleaner guitar sound and covers other guitar techniques such as octave sweeps. The DVD then moves onto ‘Man in the Box’ with it’s memorable rhythm and lead parts where the solo is based on the E minor pentatonic scale and includes key changes and fast bluesy passages. Finally there’s the classic track ‘Would’, written by guitarist/vocalist Cantrell, which is broken down into the easy to learn guitar parts for the intro, verse and chorus.

The beauty of this DVD is that can be played over and over again in your own time. It will help you learn a huge range of key guitar techniques, valuable for not just playing Alice in Chains tracks, but for pretty much every other type of song!

Learn to Play Alice in Chains retails for £23.99 and is available to purchase through along with over 20,000 other guitar tuition products

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