Line 6 Helix Guitar Processor

Line 6 unveils new flagship guitar processor Helix, featuring expanded dual-DSP processing and improved controls.

Line 6 Helix

This new multi-effects and amp modeling guitar processor will be taking over the lead position in Line 6’s product line up, offering the latest technology that the company has to offer.

Considered as a giant leap forward in guitar processing, Line 6 says that Helix will provide a big improvement over the their previous HD modeling technology. Both the hardware and software was improved to better recreate the dynamic feel of tube amplifiers and the sonic textures of classic effects pedals.

The most notable improvement introduced in Helix is the new HX modeling engine, which utilizes dual-DSP processing. This allows for a level of realism that was not possible from their older HD modeling technology. The improved modeling technology is matched by the improved control interface which work together to provide a new playing experience when compared to their older multi-effects floor pedals.

Line 6 President Marcus Ryle said, “Helix is the start of a new chapter in the way guitarists relate to technology. Line 6 has spent over twenty years refining and evolving modeling technology. With Helix, we’ve created a next-generation platform with all-new HX models that are the culmination of all our past experience. We are confident that Helix will sound and feel amazing to both analog purists and tech savvy players alike”.

Although not much information was provided regarding the amps and effects that are modeled by Helix, dual-DSP processing should result in dramatic tone improvements. If it really has twice the power of their previous HD modeling technology which still sounds impressive to this day, then we can expect HX technology to be jaw dropping. It seems that Line 6 is finally going to challenge the more expensive guitar processors like AxeFX and Kemper while keeping the price lower than the competition. Unfortunately, there was no mention for any “profiling” feature which is quickly becoming a staple feature on high-end amp modelers.

Check out Sweetwater’s in depth review of the new Line 6 Helix:

On top of the processing and tone improvements, Line 6 also polished the controls by utilizing intuitive multifunction knobs, joysticks and buttons. A dedicated graphic display lets you stay aware of your settings even while performing while scribble strips and multi-color LED rings let you label the footswitches as you prefer. Speaking of footswitches, Line 6 equipped Helix with 12 capacitive touch-sensing foot switches, this allows for a wide range of control possibilities including momentary effect engagement where an effect can be turned off for the duration of the time when your feet is touching the switch.

The improved controls complement the expanded MIDI and hardware control features of the unit, having four assignable effect loops, making it useful for controlling and blending multiple guitar pedals and rigs, including MIDI equipment.

Like their previous releases, Helix will be available as a floor pedal and rack version, with the same audio and control capabilities. An optional foot controller is also available to bring the touch sensitive footswitches and display capabilities of the pedalboard version to the rack version.

Line 6 will start shipping the Helix guitar processor at the end of summer, with an MSRP of $1,499. The rack version will also have the same MSRP $1,499, while the foot controller is expected to sell for $499, and both are scheduled for release later in the fall. Head over to Line 6 for more information.

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