Line 6 POD Farm

POD Farm

POD Farm brings Line 6’s guitar amp and effects modeling technology to your favorite DAW, with an extensive number of virtual gear.

POD Farm

This software has become a staple in many studios, providing a quick and efficient way of getting recording-ready guitar tracks.

Line 6 continues to be a major brand when it comes to Digital Sound Processing and Modeling. Like a cool glass of lemonade in a hot summer sun, they have provided guitarists with quick and affordable solutions to their tone shaping needs – be it in the form of amps, pedals or in the case of POD farm – a collection of plug-ins.

POD Farm is literally a “farm” that produces a wide variety of guitar tones, with over 250 modeled gear to play with. Even professional musicians have embraced the convenience that POD technology brings especially in the studio. The modeled gear available is a mixture of modeled vintage gear, modern gear and Line 6 originals – and with these virtual gear in your tool box, you can create guitar parts for virtually any type of music.

The Blackface Fender Twin Reverb, Marshall JCM-900, Vox AC30, Orange AD30 and the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier are just some of the prominent amp models available within POD Farm. Each one of these modeled amps bring their own characteristics into your guitar signal, and can be tweaked to your preference.

A long list of modeled effects are also available, including digital approximations of classic pedals like the ProCo Rat, MXR Phase 90, Uni-Vibe, Fuzz Face, Echoplex and many more. You can set them up and tweak them in the same way you would a pedalboard rig.

Having too much gear can be confusing if the interface and chaining design is not intuitive. Thankfully, Line 6 knows how to make their products user friendly – virtual gear come with graphics and fonts that closely resemble the hardware they are based on, and you can chain your preferred gear together via a carousel-style gear browser. You simply just drag and drop the models you want into the signal flow on the screen as you see fit.

Line 6 currently offers POD Farm in three versions:

  • POD Farm Platinum ($299) comes with the most number of models and features. It carries 97 stompbox and rack effects, 78 guitar amps, 25 bass amps, 24 guitar cabs, 22 bass cabs and 6 mic preamps. This is ideal for studio cats, and for those that love to wear different hats and tones when recording.

  • The regular POD Farm ($99) is the more affordable version. It comes with just the right amount of gear to get recording duties done – 29 effects, 18 guitar amps, 5 bass amps, 24 guitar cabs, 5 bass cabs and 9 mic preamps.

  • Line 6 also has a free downloadable version available with limited features, named POD Farm Free. Amp selection is a bit limited with just 2 guitar and bass amps, 2 guitar and bass cabinets, and 2 mic preamps. However, you will find the effects section quite extensive for something free – with a total of 13 rack and pedal type effects.

Aside from all these amp and effect models, another cool feature of this software is the ability to have two independent effect chains processing your audio simultaneously. This feature is called Dual Tone, and allows you to craft your own stereo sound, which you can control via a virtual A/B/Y box.

You can go to Line 6 to download and try POD Farm Free.

Check out the free Mobile POD iOS version at iTunes, a companion app to Sonic Port, their latest guitar audio interface.

Visit the POD Farm page for the complete list of amp and effects models.

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