Line 6 Variax Standard Limited Edition Emerald

Line 6 celebrate their 20th anniversary with the new custom-finished Variax Standard Limited Edition Emerald guitar.

Line 6 Variax Standard Limited Edition Emerald

This limited run release features the same technology that they co-developed with Yamaha, carrying the same playability, versatility and innovative technology while having a distinct emerald green finish.

Limited to a very smalll production run of just 225 guitars, and considering that this guitar is available for all their customers around the world, this 20th anniversary commemorative model will probably fly off the shelves in a very short time.

The main difference that this limited edition model brings to the table is its distinct look, courtesy of its custom emerald green finish. Other distinguishing features include a “Limited Edition” insignia on the neck plate, which also houses a serial number (1-225) that indicates the production number of the particular guitar.

Other than these aesthetic difference this model is still a Variax Standard guitar through and through, with a double cutaway alder body that is obviously inspired by the Strat design. But it’s not just your average electric guitar though, because the it carries over Line 6’s Variax HD technology, which means that the guitar comes with built-in DSP (digital signal processing).

This DSP allows for an incredibly wide palette of sounds, and essentially transforms the guitar into an instrument modeler. With it, you can transform your sound into other electric guitar models – from Telecaster, to Les Paul, to semi-hollows, to full hollow jazz boxes, and many more – removing the need for carrying multiple guitars to gigs and recording studios. In addition, you can also simulate the tones of other instruments like a 12 string acoustic, sitar, banjo and many more. And if that’s not enough, you can even use the Variax Workbench HD software to build their virtual project guitars using modeled vintage parts, which can then be easily stored and used for performances and recording. And it’s not just about the sound because even alternate tunings can be artificially set by pitch shifting algorithms within the guitar’s circuitry.

Line 6 President Marcus Ryle said, “We are pleased to celebrate our 20th anniversary with the release of the Variax Limited Edition Emerald. Thousands of guitarists worldwide have adopted the Variax Standard for its unmatched versatility, harmonic richness, and unprecedented value. Variax Limited Edition Emerald offers the same groundbreaking Variax HD technology and remarkable craftsmanship, with a striking custom emerald green finish and an extremely limited production.”

If you feel like going back to old school single-coil tones, you can simply switch to use the un-effected sound of the three custom-wound single-coil Alnico V pickups. Other features include a one-piece standard c profile maple neck, and a 22 fret rosewood fingerboard with a nut width of 1.614″ and a scale length of 25.5″.

The MSRP for the Variax Standard Limited Edition Emerald is $1,119.99 but the actual retail price is lower at $799 , you can head over to Line 6 for further details.

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