Lovepedal announces Babyface Tremolo

Lovepedal has announced the latest in their line of mini effects: the Babyface Tremolo. The pedal features three switchable wave forms and internal depth and volume controls.

The Lovepedal website says:

Full-featured TREMOLO pedal in a mini enclosure that has 3 switchable waveforms. The speed knob on the outside gives the unit a nice range of speed from VERY slow to super fast, MUCH faster than modern tremolo units offer.. The internal volume control has boosting capabilities which is nice because with a trem effect you get a perceived volume drop when engaging a trem because that's what the effect does.. It modulates your signal with regard to amplification, off/on ect..

The far left setting is the most common wave you hear in many old blackface – brownface amplifiers. Typically called a sine wave, the top of the waveform is smooth and subtle.. You can increase or decrease the depth in any setting with the internal depth and volume controls..

The middle setting not quite a full square wave chop but a saw tooth waveform almost a mixture of the sine and square wave.

The far right setting full on square wave or what we refer to as CHOP CITY. Absolutely no bleed, this waveform is excellent with fuzz, overdrive, distortion for a full on choppy, effected sound.. Again, the internal controls will have to be dialed in on this setting to get the most comfortable feel and soundscape.

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1 thought on “Lovepedal announces Babyface Tremolo”

  1. internal pots

    hi, i was just wondering if the internal pots (depth and vol) have a doifferent set for each of the 3 settings
    so the pedal could work well with all settings, instead of a compromised 1 setting for all the 3 options …
    this would be wonderful in such a little package

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