Majik Box Bipolar Fuzz

Majik Box announces its latest hand-made pedal, the Bipolar Fuzz, featuring two distinctly voiced fuzz tones.

Bipolar Fuzz

The first fuzz mode deliver modern high-gain fuzz sounds, while the second mode provides sounds that are based on classic pedals.

These two modes provide a good contrast to each other and allows for a wider array of tones to play with. What makes it more interesting is the ability to combine the two mode to create a pseudo third mode that provides more distinct tones.

The pedal sports the size of two compact stompboxes glued together side-by-side, this is expected because it houses two distinct circuits as well as independent controls for each modes.

The Classic fuzz mode is designed to replicate the fuzz tones heard on numerous recordings from the late sixties to the nineties. Basic tone shaping controls are provided in the form of three knobs for Level, Tone and Gain.

The Extreme fuzz mode on the other hand is designed with more fuzz effect per note, ideal for those that want to go all out or experiment with their sound. It has a more straightforward set of knobs for controlling level and fuzz, while a Lo-Fi switch adds more sputtering and burping to your signal when engaged.

Majik Box had this to say: “Fuzz. It comes in different flavors, but we wanted to create the best fuzz ever. Really what that meant to us, was having more than one fuzz circuit in a single box. It was really important for us to have a truly useable and musical fuzz, so we could play all the classic fuzz laden tunes, but it was also important for us to have a fuzz that was all out nuts, for the sonic adventurer in all of us. We accomplished this with the Bipolar Fuzz.”

Munky of Korn had a proto-type version of the Bipolar Fuzz, and it was extensively used on Korn’s latest release Paradigm Shift. Marty Friedman’s upcoming 2014 release Inferno also features the pedal.

Like most boutique pedals, the Bipolar Fuzz features True Bypass Operation. It is hand-wired at Torrance, California. The street price for the unit is $269.99. You can visit Majik Box USA for more information.

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