Modern Guitar Rigs 2nd Edition

Hal Leonard Books has published the 2nd edition of Modern Guitar Rigs, with updated information on setting up advanced guitar rigs.

Modern Guitar Rigs 2nd Edition

This new book comes in full-color format, providing detailed assistance for setting up simple to complicated pedalboard and amplifier setups.

Modern Guitar Rigs 2nd Edition explores various techniques and tools that will help you build a professional rig of your own. This book is penned by professional guitarist and editor-in-Chief Scott Kahn.

Kahn regularly evaluates and writes about the latest products being developed for professional guitar players. The 2nd Edition of Modern Guitar rigs drew inspiration from his experience with modern gear and guitar rig setups. Aside from editorial work, Scott Kahn is also known as the guitarist for the progressive rock band, Beyond Tomorrow, and as co-founder of the prog rock band, Days Before Tomorrow.

“A guitar rig by my definition is the complete collection of tools used in delivering your sound. The rig includes your amp(s), speaker cabinets, effects pedals, and rack gear such as effects, tuners, loopers, wireless system, power conditioners, foot controllers and pedalboards, and all the other little stuff that ties it all together. A nice combo amp might be one component in your rig, but if that’s all you’ve got, you have an amp, not a rig,” says Kahn.

The book is designed to deal with various types of guitar setups that will help players of all exposure and playing levels. Whether you are playing clubs, or are about to go on a major tour, Modern Guitar Rigs will give you useful gear tips. This revised version also features the most current sound-shaping effects and routing styles that will help in your never ending quest to finding great tones.

Basic to advanced Amp Setups are dealt with in detail by the book, showing you how to integrate pedals, rack gear with multiple-amp setups. Various wet/dry/wet configurations are also tackled, along with stereo setups, rack-mounted amps and the latest in modeling amps and “profilers”.

Incorporating Rack Gear to your rig is also discussed in detail, featuring multi-effects processors and dedicated signal processors, audio loopers, amp function switching systems, and MIDI foot controllers. Choosing the right Effects Loops for your specific needs are also discussed.

Modern Guitar Options are also featured, including piezoelectric pickups and how to split your guitar signal to multiple amps. Other information found on the book include:

  • Rig infrastructure: power conditioning, noise suppression, power attenuators, wireless systems, custom cabling, and equipment racks

  • Rigs of the stars: a look at the complex rigs used by many leading guitar players, including John Petrucci of Dream Theater, Alex Lifeson of Rush, and Steven Wilson and John Wesley of Porcupine Tree

Finally, you can get some useful insights from custom rig builders like Bob Bradshaw of Custom Audio Electronics, thanks to interviews included in the book. The book covers issues that beginners will appreciate, while experienced tone seekers will find enough depth to keep them interested.

Modern Guitar Rigs 2nd Edition has 208 pages and comes with a DVD-ROM. The book is currently retailing online for around $27. Check out the latest price and reviews at

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