New Crush Amps from Orange

Orange Amplification expands their Crush amps range with the CR60C 60 Watt 1 x 12 Combo, CR120C 120 Watt 2 x 12 Combo and CR120H 120 Watt Head.


These new Crush amplifiers are the first solid-state professional amps to be launched by Orange since the late ’70s.

Orange designed these bigger Crush amps with a “simple is better” philosophy, featuring a pre-amplifier section that is based on the Rockerverb series. This gives the amp a warm tonal characteristic while using solid-state technology – making the amp affordable and easier to maintain.

Like the Rockerverb series, these new amplifiers have two foot switchable channels, clean and dirty. The clean channel utilizes two stages of gain that gives it a warmer tonality that brins to break when cranked. The dirty channel on the other hand has four stages of gain that approximates the sound of Orange drive in a solid-state amp.

Orange also installed built-in digital reverbs into the new amps, with a choice of spring, plate or hall. They also come with FX loop, built using the same design as the more expensive tube amps. Both the CR60C 60 Watt 1 x 12 Combo and the CR120C 120 Watt 2 x 12 Combo come with Orange’s “Voice of the World” 60 Watt speakers. These are the same ones used by Orange on their bigger amps.

Finally, the amplifier and speaker are kept safe by a stylish 18mm plywood cabinet wrapped with distinctive orange basket-weave Tolex. The exterior keeps with traditional Orange amp design, featuring a woven speaker grille, hieroglyphs, beading and a picture frame edging.

These bigger and louder amps bring the Orange Crush series into the realm of band rehearsals and small to medium size venue gigs. Orange will have these new amplifiers on display at the upcoming Musikmesse, and they are set to start shipping during the summer of 2013.


The CR120H is priced at £299, the CR120C is at £479, while the CR60C is expected to sell for around £349. More information is available from Orange.

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  1. Orange CR60C combo
    DS! ProStock

    When will a video/demo be available? I know that the official release date is this summer(Summer NAMM?) but it seems to me that Orange would want to make some pre-release information available especially pricing structure (USD) and technical features demonstration(s).What say you?

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