New edition of ‘How to Make a Living Teaching Guitar ‘ released

How to Make a Living Teaching Guitar was first published as an ebook in 2002. Not that long ago in real life perhaps, but ancient history in internet terms. Indeed, as author Nick Minnion sat down to re-read the book prior to revising it, he says he was surprised how much of it had already grown outdated: “The original work contained references to a number of outmoded concepts like ‘Tape recorder’, ‘Tuning fork’ and ‘Eric Clapton’ ”.

So some of the updates to the book were made to catch up with the times but most were in response to correspondence that Nick had received over the years asking for more information on teaching in schools, music stores and teaching studios as well as teaching from your own home.

How to Make a Living Teaching Guitar

Over the last 8 years, the original book has set several thousand guitar players on the road to becoming great guitar teachers and, in many cases helped release them from day jobs that they were previously feeling trapped in. The author has received hundreds of emails thanking him for ‘changing my life’ and such like!.

Now re-released in a thoughtfully designed, 62 page, A4, pdf format and still at only $19, the new edition is an absolute must for anyone who has ever had the thought: ‘I wonder if I could make a living teaching guitar?’

The website has also had a complete makeover and now contains a host of freely accessible pages of material pertinent to guitar teachers. It also sports the most extensive global forum for guitar teachers on the net.

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