Free Live Webcast Guitar Lesson from Lick Library

Lick Library has announced their second exclusive Live Webcast. As well as making great Guitar Tuition DVDs, Lick Library also makes it possible for you to talk to their top Guitar tutors and ask them questions – live on the 11th February at 19.00 hours GMT.

This second real time Webcast, from the Lick Library studios, features an interactive session and live performances with Lick Library co-founder Stuart Bull. There’ll be a live chat with Stuart where you ask him questions, plus he’ll cover guitar tips and techniques. Stuart has taught literally tens of thousands of guitarists worldwide with the award winning Lick Library Guitar Workshops. He has shredded with some of Rock and Metals greatest guitarists so he will be able to give you the benefit of his considerable experience.

In addition to this live lesson you will be able to chat with the musicians and interact with other online Lick Library members.

On top of all that, Lick Library will be making one off special offers exclusive to this webcast.

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