New product launched for learning and playing scales

Guitar Scale Magnets is a finger positioning tool for learning and playing musical scales that is located on the top of the guitar’s neck adjacent to the fretboard – a “cheat sheet” for the fretboard. In essence, it is a “cheat sheet” learning tool for the guitar that allows the player to QUICKLY locate where musical scale shapes begin on your guitar’s fretboard. These slap on scale strips are learning tools geared towards beginner and intermediate guitarists and are meant to be used as training wheels to assist players where scale shapes begin.

“My products are meant to be utilized alone or in conjunction with music theory and any educational tools available to stimulate the individual’s creativity that music offers,” says creator Jason Ellestad.

Ellestad adds, “Speaking from my own personal experiences when starting to learn scales and scale shapes, I wished there was a quick way to “just show me where to go” so I could understand where these scale shapes occur on the fretboard and learn at my own pace. I also remembered when I felt I had mastered the A minor pentatonic scale, there was a rhythm jam track that I wanted to play along to that suggested to play the D minor pentatonic scale. I was lost on where to play these scale shapes throughout the fretboard—I felt limited on where I could play and ultimately I found myself not straying too far away from the box shape #1 and its vicinity. This frustration led to the birth of Guitar Scale Magnets. My hope is for wanna-be guitarists to quickly progress to the jam phase. To capture the enthusiasm that is there when you begin to learn the guitar and allow the player to quickly progress, therefore, leading to less burnout or worse abandonment of their interest in the instrument all together when frustration arises.”

Ellestad finally states, “The products were created to assist players on showing where scale shapes are located. My goal is to have the player become comfortable where these scale shapes are played on the fretboard and ultimately achieve an end result of where you can play these scales unassisted without any teaching aid. To silence the critics, I will be the first to emphasize that any guitarist aspiring to better themselves musically needs to seek to educate themselves learning some basics on music theory to allow them to grow as a player. Moreover, this tool has the potential to not only help those learning move at a faster pace, but hopefully be the entrée into a passion for further learning of such theories. ”

Scale strips are set up for guitars that have a neck scale length of 25.5”.

Current product line includes:

Pentatonic Scale Strips – List Price at $19.99 plus S&H

Major Scale Strips – List Price at $19.99 plus S&H

Learn the Fretboard & Tab Strips – List Price at $9.99 plus S&H

The “Ultimate” – List Price at $39.99 plus S&H

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