New HT Valve Effects Pedals from Blackstar Amplification

Blackstar has announced the launch of three new effects pedals: HT–DELAY, HT–MODULATION and HT–REVERB. Combining real valve tone with the flexibility of digital technology these pedals deliver eight stunning reverb, delay or modulation effects. When the Blackstar team embarked on the journey to design the ultimate digital effects pedals they wanted to develop products that had none of the harshness of some digital products and provide the warmth and musicality of vintage effects pedals which players love.

The Blackstar designers acquired some of the most revered valve and vintage effects pedals and set to work distilling the ingredients that make these old designs so special. The valve Saturation/Dwell feature is one result of this exhaustive research. In simple terms it is a valve gain and compression circuit which acts in the digital effects 'side chain' to impart the valve dynamics and harmonics typical of vintage valve effects. HT–DELAY With eight different delays in one pedal the HT–DELAY can take you from vintage and multihead tape delays, through to classic analogue and linear full bandwidth effects and two versatile loop modes as well. You can then add in real valve compression and harmonics using the unique Saturation control.

– 8 delay effects

– Genuine valve design

– Operates at 300V HT

– Unique Saturation control

– Tap and two Loop modes

– Stereo

– Unique switching operation

– High integrity buffered bypass

– Power supply included

– Silent switching

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